June 2, 2017

Digital Marketing for pharmacies

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Digital Marketing and social media marketing for Pharmacies

Have you got a small independent pharmacy? Or maybe you have branched out and now own 4 or more pharmacies around Ireland. If so, this page is important to you!

Digital marketing is now the most important marketing channel for small businesses. People now ‘Google’ products and services, finding out the best price and location of local suppliers.

Customers also expect every business to have a managed Facebook page with enabled reviews and comments. This illustrates transparency in dealing with customers and customer complaints.  A regularly updated Facebook page also indicates to a user that the business is contactable – which is a vital instrument for potential customers, as ‘we’ feel more comfortable dealing with a business that is easily contactable.

Pharmacies generally work on an 80/20% split from prescription sales to front of shop sales.  HOWEVER….  There are now some pharmacies who have increased those beauty and novelty sales to rival or surpass their prescription sales. With the ongoing changes in the health system, pharmacists need to protect their revenue – beauty and novelty products are a good way to do this.

Want to know how this is done?

Social media and digital marketing!

Why do you need my digital marketing services?

Digital marketing training courses DublinDigital marketing and social media for business are managed very differently to what we use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media platforms for our personal profiles. Getting your unqualified staff member, or teenage son to manage your brand online is a risky option.Let me ask you this….

“Would you ask your counter staff or teenage son to design, implement and manage a newspaper advert or would you go to a specialist to design and implement such a campaign? ”


If the answer is no (and it should be no), then you should consider having a specialist managing your online brand.

Consultants like me spend years in university/college and then spend years working every day with social media and digital marketing concepts.  There is so much more to digital marketing then making a post on Facebook. For instance, did you know that you have to put keywords into all your written content?  Did you know that hashtags are meaningless on Facebook? Hashtags are used as a search function on other platforms such as Instagram and Twitter, but actually on Facebook, research suggests that hashtags reduce the amount of engagement by your audience and a user does not need to add the hashtag to search for a particular keyword.

So why else is it important for you to have someone like me manage your social media? I’ll give you five solid business reasons why:

  1.  DISCOUNT:  Pharmacies get a reduced rate for social media management if they are a member of the IPU. Social media management of up to 4 platforms is €320 pm. Normal price: €460

(Newsletters and blogging is an add on expense and usually costs an extra €100 per month. For pharmacies this is reduced to €40 per communication.)

     2. It’s cheaper:  Outsourcing is cheaper and can be claimed as an expense.

     3. Expert Advice: You’re staff member does not have all day or night to monitor the mood and trends of social media. They will not have time to go through digital marketing companies updates to see whats new, whats changing or what new rules Facebook have implemented.

     4. Advance Design skills: Is your staff member a graphic designer? Do they have years of experience working with websites or online design tools? Chances are the closest they have been to design is some mobile apps that allow clever little videos or portraits in specific themes and styles.

     5. Time: This is a biggy! Does your staff really have time to work on your weekly posts, assess the competition, go through the insights and forecast?  I’m guessing that’s a big fat NO!

This is what some of our clients say:

Doodys Pharmacy Mitchelstown: “We have definitely seen an increase of customer spend since Samantha has managed our Facebook page”. Rosemary Doody – Owner.

Higgins Pharmacy Sligo: “Samantha is very professional, motivated and enthusiastic. She is easily contable and has great insight into driving sales through social media. I highly recommend her…” Deirdre Butler – Owner.

Haven Pharmacy Monkstown: “I rate Digitalizemenow 5 out of 5” Roma O’Loughlin – Owner.

Garvey’s Pharmacy: “Great training course from Samantha on digital media! She is a really effective communicator and a patient instructor for novices as well as more experienced digital marketers. Feeling way more confident managing our business Facebook page since the course. Highly recommended!” Louise Conlon – Manager/Owner


So, what should you do now?

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