September 6, 2015

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Samantha Dooley Business and digital marketing consultancy

Samantha Dooley

Samantha has a strong background in promotions and administration via traditional channels and moved into marketing after her first degree in 2012. Her interest in business and marketing drove her to finish a further degree in entrepreneurship and then a masters degree in business and management from UCD in 2014.  Immediately after this, Samantha pursued a qualification in digital marketing and has been consulting in the industry ever since.

She has a passion for designing and implementing successful digital marketing strategies and consulting for small to medium size businesses.

In her personal life, Samantha has won powerlifting titles representing Ireland and takes her English bulldog, Notorious everywhere…

Samantha owns and works with other consultants to give you the best chance at brand building on-line and receiving a good ROI through digital marketing platforms.

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Social Media

Need expert management for your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media platforms? Want to start using Youtube but don’t know where to start? Need to build your LinkedIn company page profile?  Contact us for a quote today!


Does your staff need one to one or group training in WordPress updating, social media planning, implementing and designing content?

Maybe you need a leader to start a new team within your company and get them on the right direction to deliver kick-ass social-media campaigns?



Samantha is an experienced and educated business consultant that specialises in team building, brand building online and marketing.

Customer Review

We have created great social media platforms for a number of clients in the pharmacy industry, beauty & fitness industry and building industry.

It’s our business to get your business alive online!

Blanchardstown Area Partnerships (BAP)

"Samantha is a fantastic consultant. She is well informed with up to date information and imparts knowledge effectively to her clients. I highly recommend her services." (owner)

Digital Marketing and web Design Agency Client of

Bathroom Busters

"I have had this company working with me on my digital marketing and online profile since last year. they are very helpful in anything i ask about. i have noticed a significant increase in both traffic & sales since then."

PMM Ireland

"Having worked with Samantha for the past number of years I found her to be very creative, detail orientated and very knowledgable in her field of expertise - Digital Marketing. The feedback on her training delivery with PMM is consistently high and very positive. I would have no hesitation in recommending Samantha Dooley."

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