April 11, 2015

Blogging -an introduction

Blogging for small business

Warning this is useful information so it may be boring!

Introduction to blogging

It’s been twenty-four years since the world wide web (www) was released by CERN. For many businesses this was a game changer. The companies that embraced web strategies in their communication plan reached new audiences quicker than their sceptic less adventurous competitors.

Blogging or web logging was a new and exciting development for the less exciting individuals. People shared their skills and experiences with the world and watched their followers grow often for no good reason. By 2006 blogging became widespread and genuinely talented individuals shared their intellectual wares. Businesses took note and included blogging in their online communication strategy.

The dramatic increase in blogging is perhaps un-surprising since it is arguably the most powerful content marketing tool used on-line today. This article will aim to provide the reader with important tips albeit boring and tedious work preparing a successful small business blog. Please share your thoughts in the comment box and with your friends and enemies!

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