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Facebook is continually updating their platform to make the business pages more user-friendly for small business owners to operate and of cou


New Features on Facebook for Business Pages


Facebook is always updating the business pages to assist businesses in reaching new audiences and increasing engagement.

There are a few interesting recent add on’s to the business pages that I think are great value to businesses, regardless of industry.  Facebook is the best tool to utlise if your business is a B2C model (business to customer), however, these new features can also benefit a B2B (business to business) model. So lets get started:

Job posting on Facebook

 Facebook recently added this feature to make your job listing look more professional and help the post appear in searches. The feature is easily used and is set up similar to an event. See the below screenshot for Bernies Beauty Salon, a fab high-end beauty salon in Sligo, which I’m lucky enough to be working on their social media account! (shameless self-promotion… I know).


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After you have filled out the above form Facebook provides the option to publish or boost your post, which has a button in the bottom right-hand corner. (Don’t know how to boost a post? Contact US). The good point about this is that previously it was difficult to advertise a job post due to the 20% text policy on images. Facebook has approached this by introducing the above form. I have not had an opportunity to use this for any of my clients yet – but if you have please let us know your thoughts!

Page story on Facebook

The other interesting feature is the page story which, similar to Instagram and Snapchat is a story for your business that displays for 24 hours. Why is this good? If you are having a FLASH sale, for example, you might want to start using this feature and promoting it to your followers. It’s relatively new, so we are yet to see if this promotional add-on will excite followers and lift engagement.  See image aside from the Haven Pharmacy Monkstown Facebook page as an example.

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Colour – pattern background for posts

Using the image above again to illustrate, we can see that the business pages now offer the same colour background for written content posts that our personal profiles have! Now this is a really good feature!  We all read posts from our friends that have this type of background, so we dont really expect it from a business page, which is why we will stop and read it! It’s a very non-commercial way to get your message across. Writing something like, “We have a SALE TABLE in store for the next few weeks only! Drop in and get a great bargain on big brands!” This is sure to get the attention of your audience if used occasionally as part of your Facebook Communication Mix strategy. 

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