Outlook Email Configuration

Outlook Email Configuration

Websites and email accounts can be expensive to design and create, however, there are little tricks you can do to save costs here and there.

Email for example, can cost an extra 5€ per month (or more) with your current web host. There a simple free emails one can use such as Squirrel mail, however the interface is a little out-dated compared to Microsoft Outlook.

If your similar to me and like up to date email interface designs you may consider configuring your email address into Microsoft Outlook on-line.

Configuring an email account

Firstly – I am assuming that you have a website (or domain name active) and that your host offers free email accounts. Most web hosts do, the costs come in when you want the email accounts activated and configured into your website.

  • To add an email account to Outlook on-line, go to the option menu.
  • Under the Manage your accounts heading click on ‘your email accounts’
  • Click ‘add a send and receive account’.

There will be some boxes requesting your name and email address – put the new email address in this box. Then underneath you will see ‘advanced options’. Click on this and the below screen shot is an example of what will be displayed.

Microsoft Outlook email


In the server address bars you need to put the server address of where you want the emails to go and where they are currently going now. It’s a little bit like going to the post office and redirecting your current mail from one address to the next. If you don’t know what the addresses are, then contact your hosting company they should be able to provide them for you.

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