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We'd love to meet you, go through our services and develop a plan for your social media.

Social media Services

We design bespoke strategies targeting the right audiences with the right platforms within your budget. We dont’ try and get money off you to implement a complicated strategy across various platforms if all you need is Facebook to start! SMART goals is what we work with.


For small business start ups with limited funds. Build your brand awareness via Facebook first.

Facebook, Instagram & Google

The three biggies! Facebook is the main B2C platform, followed by Instagram. We focus on these areas to build communities and push products. We also include the SEO function of posting on Google for you – FREE of cost!

Business Budget

Do you have a business budget to cover 5 platforms?

Depending on your industry, adopting LinkedIn, Youtube, Twitter and Snapchat into the mix can really make a difference.  Best to book a meeting with us and we will go from there.

Online marketing

Do you have a specific type of business that requires a bespoke design and integration of specific platforms? Book a meeting with us first.

Content Marketing

Maybe you have a website and staff doing a great job managing your social media but you need to outsource your blogs and newsletters?

Digital marketing training courses Dublin

Staff training

Want to keep your online marketing in house? That’s grand, we do onsite training as well!


Digitalizemenow offers affordable expert solutions for all your social media requirements. We meet with clients regularly, and basically become part of the team. Our transferable skills in web design and other digital marketing tools, including content creation means that you will always save money when we manage your social media.

Time is money

Time really is money! Small to medium size businesses focus most of the energy and resources on products, services, customers and administration of such. Social media and digital marketing is relatively new in comparison, and most small businesses do not have the time or the knowledge to manage this area correctly.  Customers expect all businesses to be on social media, they expect to be responded to quickly and questions dealt with. They want to see social media pages updated and be able to view the businesses products and services.  Like any other advertising, marketing or PR strategy, this needs to be done with care to be effective and contribute to the businesses overall success.

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