Twitter Lead Generation Cards for B2B

Twitter Lead Gen Cards for B2B

Twitter – Is it right for you?

Twitter is the second most popular social media tool in Ireland with 26% of the population owning a Twitter account[i]. This makes it an important communication tool to consider for your digital on-line strategy.

Attracting Followers

Once you have an account set up, invest a bit of time in developing your banner image, bio content and plan your monthly tweets.  After this your first priority is to attract followers. This is organically obtainable through following others, using hashtags in your content and connecting with your contact list. Twitter allows you to import your customer list so that you can ‘follow’ your contacts. This is a great tool for business to business (B2B) companies as it allows you to identify, target and research specific organisations.

The key to success is to attract followers from your target audience and engage with them. Don’t worry about twittersattracting the masses as they have no value to your business goals. For example, if you sell properties to let for businesses you should not be interested in attracting anyone NOT looking for properties to set up their business.

Just let this need to attract lots of followers fly away….

The key – Attract the right followers!


Once you establish your target market develop a list of keywords that these businesses would be tweeting about. Write them in the search box at the top of your profile page. A list of tweets with these keywords will display and you can scroll down and get involved with conversations that appeal to you by retweeting, replying or mentioning them in a tweet.

If you need to research some of the content mentioned in your audiences tweet – use Topsy. It’s a reasonable (and free for basic users) tool to check out what people are writing about on specific topics.

So… What about B2B lead generation cards?

I’m getting to this but felt it necessary to write a short lead in.

Lead Generation Cards

This tool is a great way to build your lead funnel on Twitter. Leads help drive your sales, which means increasing your leads should be an objective of your business strategy. Your lead generation card will display in the home timeline of your targeted audience.  This is something that can-not be achieved via organic tweets.

The process is simple and it allows Twitter users to express their interest in your tweet with just a couple of clicks. Their email and Twitter handle is then stored in your Twitter account and can be easily transported via CSV file to your CRM.

Lead Generation Card Example

Twitter Lead Generation Cards


Creating a Lead Generation Card

  1. Go to You will be prompted to enter your credit card details
  2. Then follow instructions. The process is similar to Facebook advertising, i.e choose your targeted audience, budget etc..
  3. Write a dynamic short description which will entice your audience to opt in, accept your deal or whatever your selling.
  4. Add an image and a clear call-to-action (CTA), when a user clicks on this CTA their pre-populated contact information will be uploaded to your Twitter Ads for exporting later.
  5. You can download leads via your Twitter Ads dashboard by:
  • Click Creatives
  • Then click Cards
  • Then click Lead Generation
  • Then Download Leads

Alternatively you can set up your leads to instantly go into your CRM system. Twitter can be integrated with many different databases including: MailChimp and Salesforce.

Lead Generation Card Content

Your content should offer value to your audience. This may sound obvious, however the amount of adverts I see on-line offering a measly 10% off on a product worth €50 or less is seriously worrying. If your selling a car at %10 off then that’s something interesting and worth tweeting about! Your paying for an advert so make sure your audience will be enticed to click on it otherwise money has been wasted.

Research your customers and find out what value for money is to them. It could be a free hour consultation, a guide to creating a digital marketing plan, an E-book or perhaps a Sale.

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