What is Digital Marketing?

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Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is an extension of traditional marketing formulated to work within an on-line environment.  The four Ps (product, place, promotion and price) have been extended to include: process, physical evidence and people (now seven P’s).  The way in which we understand each section of the P’s has changed as it pertains to digital marketing.  For example:

Promotion channels fifteen years ago would identify the following:

  • Public Relations channels as: corporate sponsorship, environment, physical communities etc..
  • Advertising channels through television, radio and newspapers
  • Sale promotion channels to include: coupons, in-store promotions, discounts and so on..

Digital marketing ‘promotion’ now seeks to identify:

  • Public relations as now considering all social media platforms and on-line press releases
  • Advertise through search, display, social media advertising, video etc..
  • Sales promotions are conducted through Facebook campaigns, email, Twitter, LinkedIn, websites etc

Of course we still use the traditional marketing concepts albeit together with the new digital marketing design.  E-business or e-commerce is now a major part of organisational strategy.  Digital marketing requires practitioners to understand search engines, content management, digital tools, e-commerce (buy and sell transactions), web design (URL tags), on-line competitive forces and so much more.  Of course it helps an awful lot if a digital marketeer understands traditional marketing. The two areas used in tandem offer an organisation an opportunity to succeed.

This blog will seek to outline an area of digital marketing each week and discuss it’s pros and cons and how traditional marketing can provide good support in achieving success.

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